Saturday, June 11, 2011


The kids had a ball playing pillow fight with Noelle. If you look closely, you can tell she's under all those pillows.

It's so humid here, that the my camera lens fogs up for the first few minutes of the day. The pics have a nice "haze" to them.

Waterfall at Hong Kong Park with steps to walk under it!

We've seen many interesting signs since we've been here and I want to start taking pictures of some of them. We walked into what felt like a jungle and there was a sign for "free wifi"

We were so excited to see this pond and all of the turtles hanging out in it!

Sydney makes sure we never get lost. She figured out the way to the playground without climbing stairs. She definitely didn't inherit my map reading skills or sense of direction.

The view of Central from the's crazy how close the buildings are to this oasis.

This is a Jack fruit tree. I don't know what Jack fruit is, but it certainly looked cool.

The aviary had over 600 types of birds in a very natural enclosure.

These birds look like they're practicing for their America's Got Talent audition.

We finally made it to the park! Cole was beyond thrilled and had a blast even when he had to scoot down the slide due to humidity and sweaty legs.

The park is 4 stories with a little something for everyone.

Skye and Cole going down the 2 story slide.

I found it odd that a photo "hole" that is kid sized and obviously designed for children would depict said child smoking a pipe.

Inside the waterfall on our way back to  out apartment.

My proof of life photo.

The 2 story slide.

Swimming at Hong Kong Country Club.

This outdoor rain shower made Cole's top 5 best thing about Hong Kong. He spent about a half hour turning it on and off and playing with the stream of water. The simple things in life...

The girls winding down from a long day. They both fell asleep in the taxi on the way home.

This is from last night's dinner. I made sure to get a few pictures of myself as requested by some friends!

A family picture complete with a set of keys. Cole's obsessions hasn't curbed a bit. Now, he just has new keys to play with!
Each day here feels like two days in one. Due to jet lag, we have all been getting up really early. We've been heading out on a morning adventure, coming back to the apartment for lunch and naps, and then rebooting for late afternoon/early evening fun. This morning, after a little playtime at home with the kids, we went to Hong Kong Park.  This is just blocks from our apartment and unless you are purposefully looking for it, you wouldn't know the depths of it's existence. It is a huge park with gardens, an aviary with over 600 birds, waterfalls, water fountains, rivers, and a 4 story playground.  It's like a tropical jungle merged with a huge concrete city. My first thought when we stepped into the park, was how quickly my dad would be on the internet looking up airline ticket prices. This place is definitely his type of thing and some of the photos I took are just for him! We spent a few hours exploring and playing there.

After a much needed early afternoon break, we met up with one of Todd's friends that lives here at Hong Kong Country Club.  The kids went swimming with a backdrop of beautiful trees and mountains. We ate outside with Jeanie and her family at a table next to the club's outdoor playground. It was much more enjoyable having dinner where we could order the meal and go and run around and play while the food is being prepared. Noelle said her dinner was the most fabulous meal she has ever had. Cole had his first experience with chopsticks. Granted, he used it to stab a tortellini, but he gave it a try! Everyone we have met here has gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.  It has really helped us with our transition here. All three kids are now tucked soundly into bed and I am hoping they all sleep in a little later tomorrow as their bodies adjust to the time change.  Overall, it was another wonderful day full of new experiences. So many, that I don't know how I am going to choose the photos I use today. I probably took a couple hundred photos and have the "good" ones narrowed down to about 60.  I even added a few of myself today!


  1. Michelle, my cousin's hubby who blogs has his linked to a flickr account to post all the pictures so people can look through them. Want me to find out how he does it? Awesome pics once again!!! That slide looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  2. Yea!! You made it in a few photos! And look great! :) Looks like you are having a blast! LOVED the flora and fauna shots too!