Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Road to Recovery

The road to recovery has come and gone and we hope we don't need to see it again for a long time! Last week, Cole had surgery and we experienced our first hospital stay outside of the labor and delivery floor. We have been fortunate in our 9 years of parenthood to have never had so much as a blip of a health issue. That all came to an end when we realized that Cole was getting repeat ear infections - without any symptoms or fever - and had very enlarged tonsils - again without symptoms and without ever having a throat infection of any kind. After medication, he still had fluid in his ears, his tonsils were huge, and he was snoring like a 50 year old man. After consulting an ENT, we decided that the best course of action was to remove his tonsils and adenoids, and have tubes put in his ears.  It was a difficult decision to make seeing as he never complained about any pain and wasn't getting sick.  The doctors feared he had sleep apnea (snoring is a big red flag for this) and a speech pathologist thought his speech was being negatively effected by his large tonsils and the fluid in his ears. So, appointments were made, arrangements for the girls confirmed, and surgery was set.  Cole didn't really understand what was going on and began our day as he would with any new adventure - pure excitement! Wow, how things can change in an instant. After an hour long surgery, and confirmation that his tonsils were enormous and the adenoids were constricting his breathing, we were in recovery with him. Never have I seen a sadder face. Of course, he was quite loopy from the drugs, but Cole does "sad eyes" like a pro.

It took him about one week to get back to where we are now, eating, playing, laughing, going to pre-school, and occasionally telling me that the hospital made his throat hurt. For a week after the surgery, he had a fever on and off, wouldn't really eat anything, not even ice cream, popsicles, or pudding. He wanted to snuggle all day long (I admit I kind of liked this part), watch a few shows, and when the medicine kicked in, play a little. On day 4 of recovery and admittedly cabin fever for me, I took out my camera to document our day.  While in the hospital, I used my iPhone to take some photos.  I really feel these photos tell a story in can see his journey from start to almost better...

Arrival in day surgery at the hospital...having a good time talking to nurses and discovering new things.

Cole asked me to take many photos of different things including  his bracelet and cool new hospital grade socks.

He found a "boo boo" that needed documenting,. 

The nurses came to take him to surgery in this dinosaur cart.  I thought they would be peeling him off  of me to take him away...Nope! He went willingly. It's like they know what they're doing or something.

In recovery and not in a room yet. He's quite out of it, sweaty and nauseous. 

I have about a dozen pictures of him sleeping on me just like this.

Due to Cole's age and sleep apnea issues, he had to stay overnight. It was a good thing as his fever spiked pretty high in the middle of the night.

Our attempt at a popsicle. A few licks was all we got.

We had beautiful views out our hospital room window.

The girls ended up having a snow day so they came to visit. They both read him some books.

Sydney trying to make him feel better.

In the middle of the night, this machine kept beeping and apparently I was the only one that heard it. I was laying in bed with Cole while he slept, so I tried taking a picture of it to see what was wrong. It didn't work.

Ready to go home..."You, with the sad eyes..."

Happy to be home. He was just uncomfortable in his own skin for awhile.

This is the beginning of day 4. When the tylenol started wearing off, he was miserable.

Attempting his first solid foods.

The of the best inventions ever...that, and Elmo.

Cole's lips got very chapped in the hospital...we have gone through several tubules of chapstick. He's not as delicate with it as one would hope.

I think Cole would love a bunch of chapstick and bandaids for his birthday...seriously.

Cole's treat each day was a little bit of warm tea. For him, it was better than a milkshake.

The medicine kicked in and there were many cars waiting to be played with.

He told me my phone was the garage for his cars.

Playing hide and seek...he was very difficult to find.

And then, in an instant, the medicine started to wear off too soon and pain set in. Under the table he went.

Skye decided he needed a banana split to make him feel better. He ate a few bites.

Painting fun!

My attempt at a soft foods lunch. He didn't eat anything.

Get well cards from sweet.

I am happy to report that as of Sunday, he appears to be back to his normal self.  It's nap time and I'm off to work on my other blog...check out my new business website and blog at


  1. Hi Michele, awww sad and great documentary. ( I resemble the 50 y o man snoring part, HEY)love


  2. oh so sad to read, but i still love the pictures. cole is such a cutie. i am glad to read he's feeling better now.