Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's been awhile...

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. I have another blog on my business website,, both of which have been neglected for some time. I'm trying to decide if I work on keeping both blogs up or streamline my efforts into one.  While I consider my options, I decided to check in here and post a link to my business blog that I recently updated.  The purpose of my business blog is to discuss all things photography and to post photos from professional photo shoots while this blog has served as a personal outlet to highlight personal and family events, milestones, and travels. Since my most recent post serves both purposes, I wanted to include it in more than one place. So, here is a blog entry about my little boy turning 4...

I look forward to updating more frequently throughout the summer!

Friday, October 12, 2012

What is today?

Cole - "Do I have school today?"
Me - "No. Today is Friday"
Cole - "You mean I get to hang out with you all day?" This was said with such excitement in his voice!
Me - "Yes, yes you do." Sigh....

Dancing and watching his reflection...

I just got a new lens yesterday and seeing that we get to "Hang out" all day, he was the subject of my practice.

Yesterday, he wanted to be a police officer. Today, a firefighter...what will tomorrow bring?

Cole would drive his jeep all day if I let him.  It's what he does and he is quite the driver. We're on the look out for a new one if anyone has one they are ready to part with...

He wanted to see what was under the hood...

My girls being at school all day are the reminder that our "hanging out" days are numbered...I try to remember that as we go about our daily routines and when he doesn't want to leave my side. I try to remember that soon enough he will be running the other way. I will take all of the "hanging out" days I can. You want to snuggle? Sure. You want me to carry you? Okay. You want to hold my hand? Absolutely. You want to pretend rescue me from a pretend burning building? I wouldn't have it any other way.  I just want him to stay 3 1/2 for awhile longer...because I love hanging out with him, too!

Hanging out at the ENT this morning...he loved High Five magazine and hid it under less fun magazines when his name was called...

Hanging out at Trader Joe's...he loves shopping and loves it more when he has his own cart to push.

Before nap time, we made some Blondies, courtesy of Colton adding them to his shopping cart when I wasn't looking. They are delicious! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

He's the Type of Dad that...

It's not just Father's Day that gives me pause and makes me realize what an incredible Dad my children happens on a daily basis. But, it feels right to use this weekend to update the Blog I've neglected for awhile. Todd and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and have been together for over 18 years. When you're young and in love, decide to marry and make that huge commitment, I think that most of us are living in the moment. You may not realize that not only are you choosing a partner for yourself, but, if you decide to have children, you are also choosing a parent for your child. I didn't know 18 years ago what kind of man Todd would grow into. I didn't know what kind of parent he would be.  If I had to do it all over again, I don't think I could have chosen better - both as a partner and as a father.   I went through some of my photo archives as sometimes photos are more powerful than words.  I'll definitely have to show this to the kids during those times when teenage angst show up and they think we are making their lives difficult for no reason at all.  They'll see how wonderful their Dad is and always has been. How hard-working, selfless, loving, adoring, and in awe he is of his children.  He's all about loving and caring, protecting and guiding...So, for our three, here are some photos of you and your Dad and, for you to know...

He is the type of Dad that:

...dresses up with the kids every Halloween and may have more fun than they do.

...voluntarily receives facials from Skye's spa.
....takes a "family photo" with Greg every year.

...takes hayrides and takes turns snuggling with all 3.

...builds gingerbread houses and doesn't care about perfect construction or making messes.

...walks the kids down on Christmas morning and acts as excited and surprised as they do.

.... comforts a sad little boy following surgery.

...doesn't mind his "shadow" keeping him company during a water break.

.... loves teaching each of his kids how to play golf.

...spends a Sunday building furniture for a "big boy" room and has the patience to work with a helper.

....has wonderful role models in both his own father and mine.

...will battle Kung Fu Panda for his children.

....takes his kids on ice cream cruises.

...loves being his girls' dates for a dance.

... plays in the sand and helps to build the best sandcastle EVER!

... takes the kids in the lake so I don't have to!

...willingly poses with me for photos.

...loves Halloween!

...knows his limitations which include staying off the ice for the safety of everyone involved.

... holds up the "Bean".

... has an amazing Dad himself.  The kids can not get enough of Grandpa Harley! They love playing with him and he loves imparting his wisdom on them. We call it "Tuesdays with Tim".

...fights Brown Bears in Brown County.

...never has a bigger smile than when he's with his kids.
...continually pushes us out of our comfort zones.

... told me traveling and seeing other cultures is the best thing we can do for our children. He was right.

... offers a ride when little feet get tired.

...loves hanging out with the kids in the city.

... puts together an amazing fundraiser for one of his best friend's little boy.

...plays backyard football with the best of them.
... works so hard, day and night, to provide for our family.
... always makes me laugh.

... shows his love every day.
...puts up with my many requests for photo shoots and is always willing to help put up a backdrop.

...passionately loves his family.
... goes along with my crazy ideas. This one was for Grandpa Harley.

... loves taking the family to Hawks games.
... is always teaching strategy...even in giant checkers.
... has 3 children that love him more than anything in the world!
...cried at the birth of each of his children and beams with pride everyday.
... has the luckiest family in the world! We love you! Happy Father's Day!

And, to my Dad, thank you for being such a wonderful, caring, and generous dad. For being a picture taking, babysitting, travel loving, self-less grandpa who is both mine and his grandchildren's biggest fan. You set the bar pretty high! Happy Father's Day to Todd, my Dad, my Father-in-law Tim, and my brother, Greg. What wonderful men our children have in their lives. Wherever our kids turn, there is love.