Friday, October 12, 2012

What is today?

Cole - "Do I have school today?"
Me - "No. Today is Friday"
Cole - "You mean I get to hang out with you all day?" This was said with such excitement in his voice!
Me - "Yes, yes you do." Sigh....

Dancing and watching his reflection...

I just got a new lens yesterday and seeing that we get to "Hang out" all day, he was the subject of my practice.

Yesterday, he wanted to be a police officer. Today, a firefighter...what will tomorrow bring?

Cole would drive his jeep all day if I let him.  It's what he does and he is quite the driver. We're on the look out for a new one if anyone has one they are ready to part with...

He wanted to see what was under the hood...

My girls being at school all day are the reminder that our "hanging out" days are numbered...I try to remember that as we go about our daily routines and when he doesn't want to leave my side. I try to remember that soon enough he will be running the other way. I will take all of the "hanging out" days I can. You want to snuggle? Sure. You want me to carry you? Okay. You want to hold my hand? Absolutely. You want to pretend rescue me from a pretend burning building? I wouldn't have it any other way.  I just want him to stay 3 1/2 for awhile longer...because I love hanging out with him, too!

Hanging out at the ENT this morning...he loved High Five magazine and hid it under less fun magazines when his name was called...

Hanging out at Trader Joe's...he loves shopping and loves it more when he has his own cart to push.

Before nap time, we made some Blondies, courtesy of Colton adding them to his shopping cart when I wasn't looking. They are delicious! 

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